Healthy Living  
    The Mayo Clinic   The Mayo Clinic "Health Oasis" brings you current information, topical health care information and links to many other heath-related sites. A great starting point for any journey toward healthier living.

  Focus on Fitness   ElderNet’s pick of the best sites about fitness for seniors.

    Focus on Nutrition   ElderNet’s pick of the best sites about nutrition for seniors.

    Online Health & Lifestyle Assessment   Measure your personal health online, using interactive "expert" programs designed by Bill Hettler, MD, of the University of Wisconsin. Assess stress levels, disease risk factors and preventive health habits. Excellent first step on the way to successful aging.

    Healthy Ideas from Prevention Magazine   Rich source of insights and ideas about life-style, nutrition, fitness, home remedies, children’s health and other topics that can add up to healthier physical and emotional life. Produced by one of the great names in health journalism.

    Ask a Great Granny   A world-class matron extraordinairre in Ottowa, Canada, responds to questions about life, love, families and intergenerational politics.

    Coping Successfully with Major Illness   Inspirational author Linda Noble Topf writes about her experience meeting major illness with spiritual strength. Her book, You Are Not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge, also is available through

    Ideas From the National Institutes of Health  
    NIH Consumer Page   Comprehensive index of online articles published by member institutes of the National Institutes of Health. Articles address many major diseases, including treatments and preventive care.

    National Institute on Aging   Resources from the NIA Public Information Office, including fact sheets and booklets about aging, menopause, cardiovascular disease and other conditions, an Alzheimer’s disease site and current press releases on health issues for seniors.

    The Age Pages   Go direct to the "Age Pages" from the National Institute on Aging, offering a topical list of articles that can be downloaded or ordered by mail from the Institute.

    Other Sites on Staying Well   The American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Infinity Heart Institute

Fitness Partner Connection


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