Care for Caregivers
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Support from AARP Key issues and answers for caregivers from the American Association of Retired Persons.

Support Groups from AARP Names and numbers for more than 1,000 local support groups for caregivers, concerned primarily with dementias. More information on how to find such a group if none is listed for your community.

American Self-Help Clearinghouse Gigantic collection of support groups nationwide. Not intended specifically for caregivers, but includes information about support groups for many illnesses affecting the elderly.

Support from the Alzheimer’s Association Connections and ideas from the Alzheimer’s Association, one of the best organizations of its kind.

Support for Pick’s Disease On-line support site from the U.K. focused on Pick’s disease and early-onset dementia.

The Parkinson’s Web Information, insight and connections for both victims and care-givers of this disease. Created by Ken Bernstein of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The American Parkinson’s Disease Association Essay with bibliography about the emotional and spiritual challenge of caring for someone with Parkinson’s Disease, reprinted from a booklet by the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.

Support for Stroke Sufferers Information and support for coping with stroke-related disabilities and dementia. This is a volunteer-operated site, somewhat hard to navigate, but easily the best site of its kind on the web.

The Caregiver’s Handbook Fully-indexed "how to" resource for long-term caregiving, including self-care and emotional survival for the caregiver. Created by San Diego County Mental Health Services in California.

Grieving "GriefNet" links you to chatrooms, essays and other resources for coping with long-term illness of a loved one. Managed by Cendra Lynn of Ann Arbor, Michigan, through her non-profit organization, Rivendell Resources.

Caregiving Magazine Online resources for caregivers and sufferers of long-term illness, including tips, a stress test, caregiver diaries and other resources with a personal touch. Check out the "Links for Caregivers" for a an extensvie grab-bag other caregiving websites, including several grief-related support sites.

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