Chiro-Web   All-purpose site maintained by Dr. Andrew Bayuk, a chiropractor in Milford, Connecticut. Includes history, education, products, links, professional referrals and a wealth of other information about chiropractic.

    The Chiropractic Page   Comprehensive resource created by John Wiens of the DC Elmwood Chiropractic Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, offers a scholarly but highly readable introduction for consumers on its "Chiropractic Page for Patients" feature. Delightful graphics add to the enjoyment of this site, along with useful links to chiropractic referral services.

    Dynamic Chiropractic   Online magazine with special features aimed almost exclusively toward practitioners, including unique listing of practices for sale ("ChiroMart") and archives of articles about practice-building. Provides links and a few other features for consumers.

    Acupuncture on Health World Online   Introductory site includes overview, research, discussion of uses and other information about chiropractic. Online Resource Center includes a link to the Chiropractic Professional Association and a list of books on the subject.


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