Focus on Fitness  
  Fitness After Fifty   Join the Fifty-Plus Fitness Association! Stories, contacts, information and a great organiztion to get you started on a fitness program, or keep you connected if you already are exercising.

    Fitness for Your Golden Years   Knowledgeable articles on strength training, cardiovascular exercise, water fitness, general exercise programs and other ideas on how to get and stay fit when you are over fifty.

    "Healthy Heart" Exercise Guide for Beginners   If you’re thinking seriously about starting an exercise program, you will find inspiration in The Franklin Institute’s online exhibit, "Exploring the Heart." Includes diet and other health guidelines.

    Administration on Aging   Your tax dollars at work in this fact-filled discussion of exercise and fitness.

    Third Age Media   More fitness facts for adults 50+ from Third Age, a new virtual magazine and Web guide for seniors.

    Walk to Better Health   ElderNet’s collection of websites about walking, the number-one choice for fitness among Americans.

    The Life Expectancy Game   A bit on the grim side . . . but interesting "game" about determining your life expectancy, offered by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.

    FitnessWorld Bookstore   Updated book displays for consumers and professional fitness trainers, plus a "New Books" section and a chat room.

    Fitness Links      
    Internet Fitness Resource   Scores of fitness, nutrition and wellness links, categorized by commercial vs. non-commercial character. Includes links to equipment, apparel, publications, gyms and personal trainer websites.

    Fitness Link   Scores more fitness links, rated for the quality and depth of information they provide and organized by the type of information they contain ("Sportlinks," "Healthy-links," etc.). Short reviews are helpful in narrowing your search.

    Fitness Zone   Search location or zip code for a gym near you. This is not a comprehensive list, but it will get you started in your area.

    Health Clubs and Resorts  
    Resort to Fitness   Travel page you can visit for free, geared specifically towards spa and fitness vacations.


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