Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy
    Herbal Medicine  
    HerbNet   Comprehensive resource for all things herbal, including an herbalist bulletin board, calendar of events, list of herbalist associations (many with hyperlinks), gardening links, literature and much more. Soon to offer a new feature, "Herbalpedia," providing a wealth of new information about herbs and how they are used.

    Herbal Research Foundation   The "Greenpapers" offer encyclopedic presentations about specific herbs, perfect for beginners wanting to know how to begin using herbal remedies. Other features on the homepage will let you order products, ask the experts and learn more about the HRF.

  Herbal Medicine on Health World Online   Consumer-oriented introductory site includes general information, specific information on individual herbs, and preventive and therapeutic programs for health conditions organized by life stage, by body systems and alphabetically.

    American Botanical Council Website   Learn about the American Botanical Council and its research and education projects and products.

    Ancient Healing Art   Great information, articles, blending tips, detail information on individual oils and a matrix of essential oils by therapeutic effect. Easy to use, fun and definitely worth exploring.

    Aromatherapy on Health World Online   General site includes introduction, history, detailed information on individual oils, guidelines for using oils and therapeutic uses by body system.

    Aroma Web:
  Aroma Web is a comprehensive resource for aromatherapy, offering two separate pages listing remedies for specific ailments, called "Recipes" and "Synergies."  
    .....Synergies   Between the two lists, you'll find a very useful collection of treatments. Check out the Aroma Web home page for more information about aromatherapy generally.


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