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    About Health Insurance  
  Insurance Inlinea   Indexed primer on health insurance, including important information about coverage you should avoid. Inlinea is a consortium of several insurance carriers and therefore offers a broader perspective than many individual-company sites.

    Consumer Information on InsWeb   Questions and answers about health insurance provided by Georgia State University’s Department of Risk Management and Insurance. Interested in a quote? InsWeb lets you fill in a form to get quotes on health and other kinds of insurance.

    National Insurance Association of America   Consumer-information article discusses all aspects of health insurance, including a comparison of fee-for-service and managed-care coverage.

    Glossary of Insurance Terms   Trouble understanding your policy? Look up terms in this extensive online glossary of health insurance words and topics by InsWeb and Merritt Publishing.

    Disability Coverage   Another thing to think about if you become injured, in addition to medical insurance, is how to replace lost income. Visit the Disability page of our Health & Retirements Benefits section to learn about disability insurance and whether it would be good for you.

    Health Insurance Carriers Online   Blue Cross/Blue Shield Directory of State Associations

Centennial Insurance Company

Central States Health & Life Company of Omaha

Golden Rule Insurance

The Provident

Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation

World-Wise Insurance Solutions

    Alternative Medicine Coverage Online   Alternative Health Insurance Services

    Managed Care Providers Online  
    Nationwide Providers:   Blue Cross/Blue Shield Directory of State Associations

Kaiser Permanente

United Health Care

    Pacific Northwest:   Group Health Cooperative

Kaiser Permanente Northwest

PACC Health Plans

Pacific Source Health Plans

Unified Physicians of Washington

    Midwest:   American Health Network (Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky)

Kaiser Permanente Kansas

Kaiser Permanente Ohio

M-Care (Michigan)

OmniCare (Michigan)

    Southwest:   CaliforniaCare

Kaiser Permanente California

Kaiser Permanente Colorado

Sloans Lake Health Care

    Southeast:   Healthplan Southeast (Central Florida & Panhandle)

Kaiser Permanente Georgia

Kaiser Permanente North Carolina

    Mid-Atlantic:   Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic

    Northeast:   Kaiser Permanente Northeast

Oxford (New England)

    Special Services by InsWeb  
    Insurance Company Ratings   Standard & Poors insurance company ratings are available through a search engine on InsWeb. Page includes explanation of rating categories.

    Find an Insurance Agent   InsWeb lets you search in your state for an insurance agent by category. Select "Individual Medical" in the Product window to find agents who sell health insurance.


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