Care at Home  
  The ElderNet home care page is your nationwide source for information about home care and locating an agency in your neighborhood.  
  Overview   Superb, concise tutorial on home care from the National Association for Home Care. Just reading the index will give you a basic understanding of what home care is and who provides it. You can select from scores of specific topics for more detail.

    Guidance from the Alzheimer’s Association   A complete how-to guide to home care from the Alzheimer’s Association, recognized as one of the finest organizations of its kind. Useful for all home-care situations.

    Parkinson’s Disease   Tips and support from Parkinson’s Web for treating Parkinson’s disease at home.

    The Caregiver’s Handbook   Fully-indexed "how to" resource for long-term caregiving, including self-care and emotional survival for the caregiver. Created by San Diego County Mental Health Services in California.

    Care for Caregivers   Visit ElderNet’s links to other sites on the Web for caregiver resources. These sources will give you ideas and contacts to avoid burnout and isolation when providing care at home.

    Home Care Directories   Visit ElderNet’s Directories of Home Care Providers for our list of provider directories and search engines.


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