National Center for Homeopathy   Tutorials on homeopathy, directory of practitioners, information on schools and much more on this comprehensive homeopathy site from the National Center for Homeopathy.

  Homeopathy on Health World Online   Consumer-oriented site provides lots of useful information, including a basic understanding of homeopathy, first aid and treatment of specific health problems.

    Welcome to Homeopathy   General resource by the Foundation for Homeopathic Research and Sanjivak Homeopathic Center offers a cornucopia of ideas, information, references and literature about homeopathy. Frequently Asked Questions feature is especially helpful for the uninitiated.

    Homeopathy Home Page   The ultimate webguide to all things homeopathic, from chat rooms to homeopathic veterinary hospitals. Includes database of homeopathic healers and basic resources on how homeopathy works.


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