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    Your Rights in a Nursing Home

  Bet Tzedek Legal Services of Los Angeles delivers the best information on the Web about residents’ rights in nursing homes under federal law. Click on the following questions to find Bet Tzedek's answers:

Must a nursing home help a resident to improve his or her condition?

How is a resident's nursing home care planned?

Is a nursing home excused from quality of care laws if the nursing home does not have enough employees to provide required care?

When can a nursing home evict a resident?

When can a nursing home resident receive visitors?

    Nursing Home Complaints   Nursing Home Reports, created and maintained by Attorney Robert Bua, lists numbers for contacting state nursing home ombudsmen in over 500 programs nationwide.

    Elder Fraud Resources  
  National Fraud Information Center   The Elder Fraud Project tells you how to protect yourself from marketing scams and schemes aimed at the life savings of the elderly.

    Telemarketing Fraud   Part of the National Fraud Information Center site, and well worth highlighting. Learn how to evaluate a telemarketing call, and what to do if you smell a rat.

    Health Products Fraud   The Administration on Aging offers tips on how to avoid be taken in by scams involving health care products aimed at the elderly.

    General Consumer Help Information  
    ConsumerNet   Articles, tips, links and help lines organized by product category, from automobiles to social issues. Offered by ConsumerNet, a California-based consumer protection group.

    Federal Trade Commission   A world of fast, authoritative information on consumer protection, including scams to avoid and resources to assist those who have been conned. Learn about the Bureau of Consumer Protection, how to order the Consumer Resource Handbook and many other vital facts from the FTC.

    National Consumer Law Center   Consumer information, brochures, alerts and other help with a myriad of issues, including problems with utilities, credit cards and other topics. Includes search engine to locate information on particular items or subjects.

    Consumer Literature from the U.S. General Services Administration   Online pamphlets and brochures on a myriad of consumer topics, organized by product and issue categories. Loads of information & fun browsing.


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