The General Practitioner  
    Legal Information Institute   Comprehensive guide to more than 100 practice areas of the law, produced by Cornell Law School. Provides short, readable synopses of each area, followed by a list of primary source materials for more in-depth information.

  Court TV Elder Law Center   User-friendly, fact-filled law center shows you where to find legal help, with a focus on issues important to elders. Provides basic information about estate planning, Social Security, Medicare and other important topics.

    LawGuru   Questions and answers to a wide variety of law-related matters, from auto accidents to sexual harassment. Written under California law, but many concepts and explanations apply in other states. Created by the law firm of Eslamboly & Barlavi in the Los Angeles area.

    Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center   Do-it-yourself legal publisher Nolo Press offers overviews of a wide variety of consumer law topics, including a section devoted to elder law subjects. Browse from the "Legal Encyclopedia" page to the topic of interest to you.


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