Medicare & Medicaid  
  Medicare Coverage   The best private site on the Web for Medicare coverage information, well-written and targeted for the average reader. Includes essential facts about Medigap coverage.

    Medicare Eligibility   The Social Security Administration offers comprehensive Medicare information, recommended for its eligibility and enrollment information more than for its sometimes-too-technical discussion of benefits.

    Medicare Appeals   Bet Tzedek Legal Services of California provides a superb overview of the Medicare appeals process. Written with technical excellence, practicality and a savvy view of what to expect from the procedure.

    Overview   ElderNet explains how Medicaid coverage works, how you may qualify and what to watch out for, especially regarding nursing home benefits.

    Countable Assets   ElderNet lists the assets that are counted – and those that are not counted – when adding up your resources for purposes of Medicaid eligibility. This page supplements the Overview, which explains how countability factors into eligibility.

    Resource Eligibility for Married Applicants   ElderNet explains the special rules that allow spouses to keep a share of marital assets, and in some cases to keep them all. This page supplements the Overview, which explains how resources factor into eligibility.


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