Introduction to Dance Links  
    Dance sites on the Web are loaded with fun and facts, ranging from very technical to very homey and everywhere in between.

ElderNet targets information about where to dance, whatever style you may enjoy. We had mixed results in screening for this kind of information.

Contra, folk and a few other types of dance groups are Web-friendly, offering plenty of local and regional sites with dance times and places on-site. Other dance styles are not so well organized. Swing dancers, for example, will find two lists of dance clubs. One is quite extensive, but hard to use; the other is easy to use, but many states have no listings.

Despite gaps, we think you’ll have fun browsing our links in Stepping Out. We hope you’ll find a local group to join.

Those who are interested in the more technical aspects of dance, or who like the organizational side of things, will have no problem finding lots of contact information by browsing around in the various links you’ll find on our Stepping Out page.


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