Stepping Out  
    Introduction to Stepping Out

  Dance USA   Outstanding directory of local dance groups and organizations. Point-and-click map of the U.S. brings up a variety of dance links, including contacts, instructors, festivals and times and places for dancing. All styles are listed together on this site, which is more interested in participation than in categorization.

    Contra Dancing      
    Contra Dance Web Pages   You’re sure to find a contra dance group in your area here. Hundreds of local webpages give you names, locations and times for contra dances going on across the country. We recommend using the "State List" feature for fast reference on this wonderful directory.

    Swing Dancing      
    Dancer’s Archive   This list of swing dance clubs is organized alphabetically by state, but it’s formatted very poorly. There are no headings; you will have to read the listings individually to know where you are on the list. Despite problems, this is the most comprehensive list we found.

    Swing Dance Corner   Easy-to-use list of swing dance clubs nationwide, many with hyperlinks for fast reference, by dance enthusiast H. Leon Raper. Unfortunately, many states have no current listings, but that is sure to change as the Web grows.

    U.S. Amateur Ballroom Dancing Association   USABDA’s Chapter directory provides a better-than-average list of local ballroom dance clubs nationwide. Many chapters have websites you can visit for more contact information.

    Square Dancing      
    The Bliss Find-it Pages   Nate and Debi Bliss in California offer a "Find It" page which will lead you to square dance club pages in many areas of the U.S. and the world. Not complete, but a good start.

    The Hardy Family Page   Gerry and Chuck Hardy in New Jersey fill in some gaps in the New York/Mid-Atlantic area that the Blisses don’t list. Another incomplete but helpful compendium.

    Cajun/Zydeco   Wonderful directory listing Zydeco dance groups nationwide with commentary, membership information for local groups, contact names and many links.

    English Country Dancing   Alphabetical index of sites offering dance times and place for traditional English dancing and other folk dance events.

    Folk Dancing   Recreational Folk Dancing is a complete package — history, commentary and a very complete directory of local folk dance groups around the U.S. and the world, assembled by Bob Shapiro in Texas.

    Irish Set Dancing   Information and directory about this traditional Irish dance form, including dance locations and times in major cities throughout the U.S.

    Samba   Directory of groups teaching and performing this exciting dance style in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

    Country & Western   We couldn’t find a very complete national listing of country and western dance clubs, but a fun-loving midwestern couple named Debbie and Jeff Wilson have put together some great links to regional websites that may list clubs or dance groups in your area.

    Other Dance Links      
    Sapphire Swan   Most complete and well-organized dance directory on the Web, lists hundreds of links for dozens of dance styles, from ballroom to Aztec. Includes other information about dances, dance products, schools and other resources for dance.

    Dance Library   Lists dance sites by style of dance, aimed at providing general information about dancing as well as local dance group contacts. Large type is easy to read.


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