Ideas & Fun

Whether senior citizen or young adult, learning of all kinds helps us make better, more fulfilling choices. Education, reading, art, science -- "the idea web" -- are part of the story. So is "the good life" -- the world of travel, shopping, entertainment and other material features of lifestyle. Closer to our hearts are home and garden, family and community. To stay young at heart, we might try stepping out with a local folk-dance group, or take action to help others to nurture our spirits, or even try one of the many chat groups for seniors to learn from our peers. Finally, there are some things we do just for fun -- and senior lifestyles are no exception!

. The Idea Web   Online education, bookstores, libraries, spirituality, art, science and more.

    The Good Life   Real estate, shopping, travel arrangements and access to recreation. Your chance to spend the kids’ inheritance before it’s too late!

    Family & Community   Delve into a wealth of information about relationships and things to do right in your community.

    Home & Garden   Links for garden-lovers and home-lovers, full of ideas, photos and inspiration.

    Stepping Out   Dances you can join or learn locally, from ballroom to salsa to folk to tap dancing.

    Action to Help Others   Discover a world of opportunities to share your time, skills and experience with others in need, including foster grandparenting programs, volunteer work and companionship for frail elders.

    Chat Groups for Seniors   Meet new people and share ideas, experiences, conversation and support on the Web.

    Just For Fun   Dating sites, games, puzzles, jokes and sometimes silliness on the Web.  

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