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    Long-Term Care Campaign   Being informed has never been so important as in the area of long-term care. Read up and join up to help develop a rational public policy toward financing long-term care.

    New Age Financial   Easy-to-read facts everyone should know before buying a long-term care insurance policy. Don’t be put off by the name of this site. Discussion is sober, well-informed and consumer-friendly.

  Long Term Care Insurance   Attorney/CPA Michael Palermo of Lexington, KY, writes knowledgeably and sensibly about the role of long-term care insurance in preserving your estate. Plan to spend some time with this well-crafted, informative site.

    Facts from InsWeb   Questions and answers about long-term care insurance from the risk management department at Georgia State University. Explore this site for other information about long-term care and other kinds of insurance.

    Federal Tax Incentives   Fortune Magazine website provides an overview of why to consider long-term care insurance, followed by a discussion of the federal tax deduction introduced in 1996 for buying such coverage.

    Glossary of Terms   Glossary by Travelers Group defines long-term care insurance terms and concepts in easy-to-use format.

    Meet Some Insurers

New York Life

John Hancock

Lincoln National

Mutual of Omaha

Penn Treaty American

TIAA-CREF (for teachers/faculty only)


Travelers Insurance


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