Managed Care  
  What is Managed Care?   Short, news-style report by WNET TV’s news project on managed care, called "Your Money and Your Life," provides mostly objective information about this topic. Includes hyperlinks to a useful glossary of terms and concepts.

    Comparison With Traditional Medical Insurance   Fee-for-service is the way medical insurance traditionally has been offered. "How to Choose a Health Care Provider" compares the traditional approach with HMO’s and PPO’s, two mainstays of managed care. Site requires scrolling, but it is worth the effort.

    Evaluating Managed Care Plans   Consumer information and recommendations to help you compare HMO’s for quality. Offered by the National Committe for Qualify Assurance, currently the nation’s only recognized accrediting agency for HMO’s.

    Promoting Managed Care   Advocate Health Care of Oak Brook, IL, highlights the advantages of managed care. You may find useful information for making up your own mind about an HMO or PPO, but remember that this site ignores some of the problems with managed care.

    Problems & Criticism      
    Report from Families, USA   "HMO Consumers at Risk: States to the Rescue" is an eye-opening report from Families, USA, a non-profit watchdog organization. Highlights state legislative actions that have been instituted to stop abuses under managed care programs.

    Criticism by Doctors: "The HMO Page"   Strong criticism from Physicians Who Care includes an apparently fact-based feature called "Atrocity of the Month," detailing outrageous conduct by HMO’s in denying care to members. Site promotes its "Medical Savings Plan" as an alternative to HMO’s.

    Criticism by Consumers: "Fight Managed Care"   Robert Raible of Bethesda, Maryland, creates this website attacking managed care, including over 100 chilling reports of managed-care malpractice. More heat than light in this site, but it gives food for thought.

    Medicare and Medicaid Managed Care   Technical presentation of managed care for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries by the Health Care Finance Administration. Difficult to read but informative.

    Join the Debate   Stimulating presentation of issues and viewpoints on managed care on "Your Money and Your Life," a news project by WNET TV of New York.


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