Mutual Funds  
    About Mutual Funds

    Mutual Fund Educational Alliance   Introduction to the world of mutual funds, including discussions on risk and rewards, fees and expenses, taxation information, how to read a prospectus, what your first steps should be, and a glossary of mutual fund terms.

    Fidelity Investments   Fidelity explains all of the basics of mutual fund investing, from types of funds to more complex concepts like targeted investment strategies. Great information from a premier name in mutual fund investing.

    Information from Vanguard   Educational article about mutual fund investing, gets you started if you are not an experienced investor.

    Fund Evaluation and Rating Services  
    Investor Square   Easy-to-read performance and profile information for over 9,500 mutual funds. Search by financial return, investment objectives or corporate family.

    Fidelity Mutual Fund Profiles   Search engine pulls up performance, management and other critical information about thousands of funds. Search by name or alphabetical listing.

    Mutual Fund Investor’s Center   News, information and access to over 1,000 no-load and low-load mutual funds.

    Standard & Poor’s Managed Fund Ratings   Ratings of mutual funds and money market funds by one of the most respected names in the business.

    Mutual Fund Families      
    The Mining Company   Review hundreds of sites for mutual fund companies, large and small, listed and mini-reviewed alphabetically by Marlene Dziegelesti in association with The Mining Company.

    Links from Yahoo!   Extensive list of individual mutual fund companies, large and small, with captions describing highlights and other key information about each. Includes a search engine that lets you pinpoint the information you need from the entire list of companies.

    Socially Responsible Funds  
    Goodmoney   "Socially responsible" funds invest only in companies that meet criteria for social and environmental sensitivity, such as employee policies, community involvement, product types and impact on the environment.

    Yahoo! Directory   Not as extensive as Goodmoney, but fast and easy to use. Also includes Yahoo!’s search capability, enabling you to pull out specific information from the database of socially responsible funds.


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