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    The SOHO Guidebook Online   This is an informative, objective and comprehensive discussion of life insurance written specifically for small business owners by CCH, one of the premier names in business information. Other sections of the Guidebook go into depth on related issues of personal and business financial planning for the entrepreneur.

    State of Texas   This is another neutral information site about life insurance from the Texas Department of Insurance. Much briefer than the SOHO Guide-book, this location explains what life insurance is, who should buy it, how much you might need.

    SavingsNet on Annuities   What is an "annuity," anyway? Learn the basics about annuities from this unique and informative site, including lots of terms and standard provisions language.

    Meet the Insurers      
    SafeTnet   SafeTnet answers specific insurance questions – such as comparing different types of insurance products – by listing scores of links to commerical insurance company sites that more or less address the issue. You will also find a "Top Ten" list of insurance company sites, reviews and other useful information.

    InsWeb   Online insurance center where consumers can analyze needs, obtain quotes and buy coverage. Backed by consumer information from Georgia State University’s Department of Risk Management and Insurance. Only a dozen or so insurers presently participate, but this site looks like it has a bright future and it’s worth keeping in touch with.

    Standard & Poors Ratings of Insurance Companies   InsWeb and Standard & Poors have teamed up to offer insurance company ratings on InsWeb. A little homework here will help you know what you’re getting when you invest in any financial product from an insurance company. Includes search engine and an explanation of rating categories.


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