Retirement Planning  
    Fixed Income Resources      
    Health & Retirement Benefits   Visit ElderNet's section on Health & Retirement Benfits to learn about Social Security, pensions, health benefits and other income protections for your retirement.  
    Review Your Finances      
    Fidelity Retirement Planning Calculator   15-step questionnaire lets you plug in your current income and expenses, retirement income and expenses, asset base and other information to determine how much you need to save in order to have the kind of retirement you want. Offered by Fidelity Investments, one of the premier names in mutual fund investing.

    Quicken Financial Planner   Online assessment tools analyzes your financial information and provides a 10-minute review of your financial position, plus ideas for improving your approach.

    Online Coaching      
    Merrill Lynch   Merrill Lynch’s Retirement Planner is thoughtfully designed to walk you through the steps of organizing, reviewing, planning and executing a retirement financial plan. Includes ideas for young and old.

    The Retirement Zone   Kiplinger offers a well-organized site to help you analyze your financial circumstances and prepare a retirement savings or investment plan suited to that circumstance.

    Quicken Retirement Planner   Graphically sophisticated planning tool offers quick and easy frames for organizing and analyzing your finances into a coherent retirement plan.

    Specialty Sites      
    401K Investments   Learn about 401K investments and find guidance on how to invest your funds wisely on ElderNet’s favorite links about 401K plans.

    American Association of Individual Investors   If you have a retirement nest egg, this site will give you lots of ideas, research data, contacts and information about current events to help you manage your investments as an individual investor.

    LaMaute Capital, Inc.   Geared toward retirement planning for those who are changing, leaving or losing a job.

    About Tax-Deferred Savings Plans   Informational article about 401K savings plans from the Dreyfus family of funds.

    RetireNet   Retirement planning site graced with a sense of humor and seeded with useful calculators, articles, tips and quirky information.

    Ideas from Fidelity   Ideas and opportunities for retirement planning from one of the major players in the investment management field.

    Stages Magazine   News and information about retirement planning for both working and retired persons, including archives of past articles.

    Find a Credit Union   Credit unions often provide more neighborly service than your local mega-bank. If this sounds like your priority, use this site to search by state for a credit union in your area.


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