Naturopathic and Energy Healing Systems  
    Naturopathic Medicine  
  Naturopathic Medicine Network   Comprehensive site explains what naturopathic medicine is and provides a physician directory, pharmacy, chat rooms, newsletter and more.

    Naturopathic Medicine on Health World Online   Consumer-friendly site provides a thorough introduction to naturopathic medicine, including background, modalities, uses and information on how to find a practitioner.

    American Naturopathic Medical Association   The ANMA is dedicated to the use of natural therapeutics. This site is geared towards the professional and focuses on the legal and business aspect of this field.

    Energy Healing Systems  
    ISSSEEM Home Page   International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) provides information and explanations about subtle energies and energy medicine. Includes publications and educational events in this field as well as links to related sites.

    International Center for Reiki Training   Big, information-packed site about Reiki, a spiritually-centered healing method.. Provides general information, FAQ, links to related sites and lots more.

    Polarity Therapy   Useful overview of polarity therapy by Paul Gardener, a therapist in Great Britain. Explains what polarity therapy is, and ties in related methods such as bioenergentics and Reiki.


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