Focus on Nutrition  
    Cooking Links   There are hundreds of websites devoted to cooking and the enjoyment of food. Eldernet offers a handful of the better sites, in hopes that you will find one that inspires or informs you toward a healthier and more nutritious diet. Bon Appetit!

  Take a Nutrition Assessment   Interactive nutrition assessment tells you what you should eat, and analyses what you do eat, based upon the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. (The "5-Second Window" advertisements that keep popping up in this site are annoying, but the information is worth the trouble.) Created by "Phys.," a virtual magazine on the Web.

    Ask the Dietitian   Joanne Larson, MS, RD, LD, has gathered together her professional answers to questions from consumers about a wide variety of nutrition-related topics, ranging from food chemistry to family dynamics. Makes for interesting and informative reading.

    The Food Guide Pyramid   The American Dietetic Association introduces the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid, showing you what foods you should be eating daily, in what amounts. Choose interactive graphics to learn more each of the food areas once you get to the Pyramid.

    Worldguide: Nutrition   Excellent primer on nutrition satisfies your intellectual curiosity about food groups, as well as providing clear guidance about how to eat well for good nutrition.

    Third Age Media   Check out "Help With Diet & Exercise," from Third Age, a new virtual magazine and Web guide for seniors.

    American Dietetic Association   Resource page on this premier website gives you nutrition news, guides, books, women’s information, index to the Journal of The American Dietetic Association, nutrition fact sheets and much more about nutritional health.

    Top 10 Websites on Nutrition   The Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech gives you its top ten sites for nutrition information. These tend to be less-commercial sites and are full of information.

    CyberDiet   Commercial site with facts, features, interactive assessments, links to other sites and other information about diet and nutrition.

    Healthtouch   Index of short pages on healthy diet, exercise and tips for better living from Healthtouch Online.

    Foods and Nutrition Digest   Journal from Kansas State University has hundreds of both consumer-oriented and scientific articles archived online. Often technical but makes for interesting reading about nutrition.

    Food Pleasure      
    Epicurean Website   Epicurious Food shows you how to enjoy eating, with recipes, cookbook reviews, tips on finding the best food products, food news and much more.

    Restaurants Worldwide   Collection of online search guides and databases to restaurants worldwide. Most of these directories are weak outside of major metropolitan areas, but they are useful if you are traveling or live in a major city.

    Vegetarian Diet      
    Veggies Unite   Veggies Unite is considered by many to be the best site on the Web for vegetarian nutrition and lifestyles information. Fun, informative and easy to use, this site includes links to lots of related information on the Internet.

    Mother Nature’s General Store   Online shopping for natural and organic foods and personal care products.

    Weight Loss Sites      
    Overeaters Anonymous   Homesite for this non-profit weight-loss organization based upon the 12-step model of community and spirituality. Best pick for those with serious problems with weight.

    T.O.P.S.   Another non-profit weight-loss organization that does not follow the 12-step model. Token membership fees are required.


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