Paying for Care  
    Private Insurance      
  Health Insurance   ElderNet links you to sites to learn the basics about health insurance and medical insurance, including both indemnity plans and managed care. Several links offer opportunities to evaluate and purchase specific insurance products.

    Long Term Care Insurance   ElderNet goes into detail about what long-term insurance is, what’s good about it and what’s bad about it. Then browse our links for more information and opportunities to purchase specific products.

    MediGap Coverage   The American Association of Retired Persons offers a superb online brochure about Medigap insurance -- coverage for the things Medicare doesn’t cover -- which ElderNet has dubbed a "Medigap Consumer’s Guide." Indexing by AARP is somewhat confusing, so ElderNet has provided its own hyperlink index to the most useful pages.

    Coverage   Court TV has the best private site on the Web for Medicare coverage information. Includes essential facts about Medigap coverage.

    Eligibility   The Social Security Administration offers comprehensive Medicare information, recommended for its eligibility and enrollment information more than for its technical discussion of benefits.

    Medicare Managed Care   The Social Security Administration explains how managed care works under Medicare, casting such programs in a positive light. Good information, but you’ll need more critical understanding than you’ll find here in order to make the right decision about whether to entrust your Medicare benefits to a managed care plan.

    Overview of Medicaid
  ElderNet explains how Medicaid coverage works, how you may qualify and what to watch out for, especially regarding nursing home benefits.


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