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Pensions for Small Business

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  U.S. Department of Labor
Called "Simple Retirement Solutions for Small Business," this informative page spells out the basic facts and options available to small business owners, both for themselves and for their employees.

  SOHO Guidebook
Pension plans for self-employment are one of many topics covered under the "Building Your Personal Wealth" section of this amazing guide for small business owners.

  U.S. Department of Labor: Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
Through SEP, small business employers can add funds for retirement directly to employees' IRAs, without incurring the cost or administrative burden of operating a retirement plan.


  U.S. Department of Labor: The SIMPLE Program.
Short for "Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees", SIMPLE creates additional IRA savings options for employees of small businesses. Replaces the Salary Reduction SEP program, which expired on January 1, 1997.



Learn about unique, cost-saving pension plans for small business owners and employees that reduce the administrative cost of providing these important benefits. Links include both Government Sites and Private Sites and Guides.

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