Where and How to Find Medical Care
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space100.gif (856 bytes) The Relationship With Your Doctor Can you influence the quality of care you receive by learning how to communicate better with your doctor? See what MedAccess has to say, and find tips on how to choose a patient-friendly physician.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Learn about acupuncture, chiropracty, homeopathy, massage and other new and old forms of treatment that can supplement and support the ordinary medical care you receive from your doctor.

Care at Home Visit ElderNet’s selection of links to the best information on the web about caring for someone at home with major, long-term illness.

Other Care Options Visit ElderNet’s comprehensive page on Housing and Long-Term Care Options for directories and information about hospital care and other, less-acute options outside the home for treating major illnesses.

Paying for Care ElderNet addresses the three financial pillars of health care in America today: Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Includes coverage, eligibility, evaluation criteria and links to sites providing direct access to coverage.

Managed Care Learn more about managed care, the controversial new way that health care is being delivered in the 1990's. Pro, con and neutral sites are offered.

Hospitals on the Web HospitalWeb gives you links to all known hospital websites worldwide, totaling over 1,200 at last count. ElderNet links you to the list of U.S. hospitals; a global list is available by going back to the HospitalWeb homepage.

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